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Special Populations

LGBTQIA+, Kink, and Poly 

My office is a safe space for all sexual orientations and gender identities.  Whether your identity is related to your reason for seeking care or not, I am here to support you.  My first internship was at a health clinic in the heart of Baltimore's LGBTQ+ community, where I also lived for several years.  I am also a proud member of Free Mom Hugs.

Military Members and Their Families

I have been a military spouse for over 15 years.  I have been through 6 PCS moves.  I worked as a Family Advocacy Treatment Manager and as the Special Needs Coordinator for the Exceptional Family Member Program.  I know the military life, and I know the special challenges it brings. 

Earth-Based Spirituality

I am well versed in a number of earth-based spiritualities and faiths including Wicca, Animism, and Mysticism.  I also have familiarity with Heathens, root workers, Druids, and Shamans.  If you are looking for a safe space to discuss elements of your faith without fear of having them pathologized, my office is the right place for you.

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